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Deal for Rasmus a Gamble Worth Taking

Georgia, Georgia

We know a few things about Colby Rasmus – he’s a southern boy, a Republican, and a bit of nitwit (neither of which are connected in any way).

We know that he had some issues with Tony La Russa and that he only wanted to work with his dad instead of hitting coach Mark Mcguire.

We know he’s a talented player who is having a tough year, but by all accounts is a star in the making.

And out of all of that the only thing that matters is the latter.

The Jays went out and got a legitimate talent and only had to give up a bunch of decent relievers and one of many young pitching prospects in Zach Stewart.

Big Attitude, Big Star Potential

Some people might be scared off by Rasmus’s demeanour, attitude, or politics. He is young, immature, and brash. But none of that matters because he can play.

The Jays need to compete and this is the only way to do it – to continue to make calculated risks on young, promising talent and hoping that the culture of the Jays clubhouse and change of scenery will do the player some good.

So everyone should welcome Colby with open arms, take him out on the town and make sure he knows what a kickass city Toronto can be. With a fresh start, a chance to play every day, and a new bunch of guys to impress, Toronto might just be the place that rejuvenates Rasmus. And if that’s the case the Jays and Alex Anthopoulous just committed another highway robbery.

Maybe we should start calling AA Mickey Knox.

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