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Bryan Colangelo – Game of Thrones

Colangelo was hired 5 years ago and was seen as the saviour of the Raptors.

Last month, MLSE re-signed Bryan Colangelo to a two-year contract to be the GM of the Toronto Raptors. Fans on both sides (Colangelo haters vs. Colangelo there’s nobody really betters) decided to take a wait and see approach to how he rebuilds the team in the next couple of years before deciding if he had a long-term future with the Raptors. However, Colangelo envisions things going a little bit differently.

Now, we’ve known for a little while that Colangelo was looking to add a GM and retainĀ the President tag, but the story lost a bit of steam as our local beat reporters had been unable to gain any traction on the story. However, Adrian Wojnarowski (really the best in the business for my money) broke the story last night that there are three potential candidates in place.

With the decision to hire a GM, and with the recent firing of Jay Triano, Colangelo has set up a safety net should things go wrong in the next couple of seasons even though all personnel decisions have been made by him. He’ll be the one doing the firing, and ironically, the GM would probably be the first one to go. BC has taken a page straight out of Richard Peddie’s book.

I’ve always been a BC sympathizer because I think the man is extremely intelligent and is in good standing with most of the league. He is quick to realize his mistakes and his work ethic is unparalleled. However, this is where I stop sympathizing. Five years ago this man was brought in to be the new GM of the Raptors. Last month he was re-signed to be the GM of the Raptors. Now, Colangelo has decided he doesn’t want to be the GM anymore and that says everything I need to know about his confidence in running this team – he’s lost it. He’s trying to save his job (like we all would) and he’s fantastic at doing so.

If Colangelo is unwilling to be the GM of this team then he should step away from the organization completely because whether or not he’s GM he will have final say on all basketball decisions without any of the accountability. It’s dishonest, cowardly, and the Toronto faithful deserve a better fate than what is going to befall them in the remainder of Colangelo’s reign.

  1. Rapsfan
    July 16, 2011 at 8:10 AM

    I’m not entirely sure what to make of BC. One minute it looks like he’s doing the right things, then next he is making huge blunders. One minute it looks like he has the team’s best interest in mind, the next it looks like he is only concerned about himself.

    I completely agree the coaching/management moves this offseason do seem like he’s building himself a net to fall into if the team fails… yet holding onto enough ‘decision making’ to take the credit if the team succeeds.

    I’m also curious if alot of what was done has to do with Andrea Bargnani. Maybe a bit conspiracy theorist style here but hear me out. At his post season presser he really hinted at something changing regarding Andrea. Then everything he has done since seems to indicate they still plan on building with Andrea… but in a ‘Dallas Mavericks’ style. Then he goes and starts to build this wall to potentially protect himself from any fallout if the team fails. Was this because he actually was trying to get some feelers and bites for AB prior to draft time, but nobody wanted to touch him? I do remember him mentioning he wanted to pick up another top 10 pick, but how difficult it was this year to make moves for draft picks (and Demar was untouchable). Yet there were more than a few teams that made deals in the top 15. Were teams wanting Demar, Ed and Amir rather than Andrea? If Bargnani couldn’t be moved, and no one wants an Eddie Curry contract on the bench for 4 years (especially if there is a new CBA), was the best bet was to hide him/make him look better so that hopefully either he can actually be traded, or atleast he no longer looks like the biggest drain/mistake on an organization in the NBA?

    I guess I’ve never been convinced that teams would actually want Andrea at 10 mil a year (increasing to 12 mil at the end of the contract) for 4 years. Let alone they be willing to give up something ‘valuable’ for him. Or that BC gets calls about Andrea from other GMs in the league. I’m really starting to wonder if he’s backed himself into a corner built of Penne pasta.

    • July 16, 2011 at 10:37 AM

      To add to that if you were to trade Bargnani for practically nothing or a mid first rounder this team would be a lot worse. As much as people hate him the guy can score better than anyone on the Raps. Short term that hurts Colangelo and he needs a good bounce back season – something that would hurt his chances if he dealt Bargnani right now.

  2. July 16, 2011 at 9:34 AM

    I think there are calls about Andrea Bargnani, but a lot of teams were hesitant to add any salary heading into the uncertainty of next season. If you look at the deals that were made not very many of them had much to do with long-term salaries like Andrea’s would be. I also think that BC knows this team will have some trouble scoring, so he wanted to keep Andrea around for a little while more and hope that Duane Casey can have a positive influence on him.

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