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MLB Draft Tonight at 6pm

The draft process was never my forte, so I will not even begin to speculate as to which players the Blue Jays are targeting in this year’s draft (June 6th – 8th).

The Jays own picks #21, 35, 46, 53, 57, 74, 78, 108, 139 and then every 30 picks beyond that (169, 199 etc.) Picks 35-74 come via compensation for Scott Downs, John Buck, Miguel Olivo (who was a Jay for about an hour and a half) and Kevin Gregg.

The JP Ricciardi strategy (via Billy Beane) was to draft college players who were almost major league ready. The players typically had a lower ceiling, but were almost ready to be major leaguers. The strategy backfired and left the Jays with one of the most barren farm systems in the league. Since then the focus of AA’s scouting team has been on international and high-ceiling high school players that the Jays can control for a much longer period of time before free agency.

So, keep an eye on some of the names that come out tonight, but don’t expect any of them to show up on the radar for another few years.

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