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Did I mention Adam Lind was back?

Some quick stats to start the day:

  • Jose Bautista leads the AL in the following categories: Runs (47), Home Runs (20), Walks (52), Average (.348), On Base Percentage (.498), Slugging Percentage (.740), and On Base + Slugging Percentage (1.298)

Yet, for the first time this season, and without a home run in 7 games, it can be said that Jose Bautista is experiencing a mini power slump. Must be the steroids wearing off , right Max Kellerman?

Luckily for the Jays it has coincided with the return of Adam Lind. He was quiet on Saturday in his return, but yesterday he exploded for 2 home runs and 3 RBIs on a perfect 4-4 afternoon in the Jays 7-4 victory in Baltimore.

Lind has been far from spectacular this season (outside of the tear he was on in the 13 games before he was injured), but having him in the 4th spot takes a lot of pressure off of Bautista’s Barry Bonds impersonation. It means teams will have to start challenging Jose more and sooner than later the two of them will put it together at the same time.

Nix is batting .180 this season, so this is most likely a pop out.

Add in a phenomenal rookie campaign from JP Arencibia and suddenly the middle of the order is packed with a good amount of punch for the AL East.

In some bad news, Brett Lawrie was designated to the 7-day minor league DL, which means that he won’t be eligible to be activated until at least Wednesday. That means  4 more games of Jayson Nix…

The Jays are off to Kansas City to take on the struggling Royals – did anyone think it would be any different this year, really? Anything less than a sweep is unacceptable – it’s time for the Jays to start putting a few wins together in a row.

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