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Ups and Downs abound

Another terrible night of predictions on my part. The Jays mustered 10 hits but only one for extra bases and Talbot and the Indians cruised to a 6-3 victory last night. Morrow struck out 9 but everything that was put into play was seemingly an extra-base hit. The Jays look to take 2 of 3 tonight before heading out on a 7-game trip through Baltimore and Kansas City – two teams that are struggling badly at the moment. The Jays need to take advantage on this road trip and begin to make up a little ground in the AL East.

The good news out of AAA Las Vegas? Brett Lawrie should be joining the team in Baltimore this weekend. The bad news? Lawrie got hit by a pitch on his left hand in last night’s Las Vegas 51’s game. The good news? Lawrie claims it’s just a bruise and the belief is that he’ll be ready to go some time this weekend. Whew! Another month of Jayson Nix would have been a nightmare.

Mcgowan hasn't pitched since July 2008.

Anyone remember Dustin Mcgowan? Yes, that Dustin Mcgowan sideburns and all might be ready to finally make his comeback. Shi Davidi reported that Mcgowan hit 95 on the radar gun and that the Jays and his doctors believe a starting role would be in his best interest in the future. Here’s the full story.

It also makes mention of Adam Lind who should be ready to join the Jays in a couple of weeks once they make sure nothing is wrong with his “back”. I’m still scarred by the JP era where “back injury” meant your arm has fallen off.

Finally, word is that Cecil and Snider are making strides in AAA, but aren’t close to where they need to be. It’s been a month now and you would have hoped they would have found whatever it was they were looking for. Snider’s changing his swing to generate more power and that hasn’t happened yet, and Cecil still can’t keep the ball down in the zone. Looks like Carlos Villanueva and Jo-Jo Reyes are pretty locked into the #4 and #5 spot for at least the next little while.

Anyone watch the NBA Finals last night? The first half felt like a mid-February game on the 2nd night of a back-to-back for both teams. It was dead in that arena. It was a perfect opportunity for the Mavs to steal Game 1, but Dwyane Wade and Lebron James simply dominated in the final 5 minutes of that 4th quarter. If that’s going to happen it’s going to be a very short series.

Oh, and Dirk came away injured. It might be time to finally start accepting the dynasty that could be the Miami Heat. Ugh.

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