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Wednesday Rant

First, as this is a Toronto sports specific blog, I’d like to call out John Farrell. His micromanaging of the bullpen (and apparent unawareness of the effectiveness of Casey Janssen versus lefties or Cano’s ability to hit lefties) in the 8th led to a one-run lead heading into the 9th inning that every Jays fan knew in their hearts would be blown.

Frank Francisco promptly lost hold of the inning after a pinch-hit double by Jorge Posada and three batters later the Yankees took back their 2.5 game lead on the Jays at the top of the division.

As I watched CC Sabathia mowed down 16 straight after an unlucky 4th inning, I knew the Jays bullpen (which has been stellar outside of the new trio – Rauch, Dotel, and Francisco) would eventually cough up the lead.That’s the life of a Toronto sports fan and the inspiration of the tagline of this site. As Toronto fans we’ve become accustomed to disappointment, so we’ll shake this one off and look forward to the finale where Jo-Jo Reyes will look to avoid history. It’s getaway day so we’re looking at a 1pm start.

Can you imagine a Calgary Flames fan cheering on the Edmonton Oilers in the Cup Finals? I can’t. So, the Canucks are in the finals. Let all of Canada celebrate, right?

I still don’t understand the passion of Canadian hockey fans who desperately want the Canucks to win the Cup and bring it back to its rightful home in Canada. 17/26, 17/27, 18/29, 17/32 – what do these numbers mean? That’s the amount of Canadian players on the rosters of the Bruins, Lightning, Sharks, and Canucks respectively. These numbers are actually above the league average of Canadian players. The league is made up of about 54% Canadians. If anything, the least Canadian team of the remaining three is the Canucks. The geography of the team really doesn’t matter because the make up is always going to be the same – the majority of every Cup winner is Canadian. The Cup is still Canadian and always will be.

But, congratulations to the Canucks who have battled tons of adversity to make their first trip to the Finals since 1994. Boston, who was also dangerously close to a first-round exit, can clinch their place tonight in Tampa Bay. A Vancouver-Boston series sounds like a pretty good final I’d say.

The Miami Heat are going to the NBA Finals. I didn’t want to utter those words this year. But, it’s true.


It looks like the Mavericks are headed there as well and since I’ve always had a soft spot for the Dallas Mavericks I’ll be in full on cheerleader mode because if ever there were a deserved champion it would have to be them. They’ve been very good for a very long time and a lot of guys on that team deserve a ring. They don’t deserve to have their hearts broken especially by the Monstars version of the NBA.

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